Dr. Munk scores a buck

In the fall of 2019, Dr. Munk came in to Accurate Firearms in search of a new hunting rifle. We were able to fit him with a Ruger American Ranch in 450 Bushmaster. We mounted a Leupold VX-Freedom scope on the rifle, fixed an Allen BAKTRAK sling to it and then took it out to 100 yards and sighted it in using Hornady Black ammunition. Shortly after deer season opened, Dr. Munk sent us this picture of his amazing hunt! A BEAUTIFUL 33 POINT BUCK, taken right here in the Clarkston area. To say that we were all excited for him and honored to be a part of his hunting success, is an understatement! Thank You Dr. Munk for first trusting us with putting together this rifle package and secondly for sharing your success with us! 

Dr. Monk